Welcome to Valley Snowmobile & Powersports

We are not here to “just sell you” any product, we want to make sure you have the perfect match for your needs. Valley Snowmobile & Powersports will not direct you to a UTV and Golf Cart Cars that is beyond what you need, nor will we guide you to a machine that is not a sufficient match to your needs either.

You will be asked many questions during the Needs Assessment, allowing us to pair you to the correct UTV and Golf Cart Cars, therefore making your use of the product perfect for years to come (You could say it’s like the 21 point inspection you get on your car at the repair shop—however this is more extensive to get you the proper fit)

Owner Lon Tesch is an expert in Hybrid & Electric UTVs and Golf Cart Cars. He doesn’t just work on the sales side, he also handles repairs, maintenance and programming on all UTVs and Golf Cart Cars that come through our doors. The personal touch of knowing what you need and what you can do without is a service you won’t find anywhere else. We pride ourselves on this customer service, and this is what has brought customers and their friends back in for years. To Lon, you are not just another customer, you are a part of our extended family of UTV and Golf Cart Cars owners.

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